Our goal at Adam Puchta Winery is to create good, constant, user friendly, balanced wines that you as a customer can enjoy! Wine in reality, is inanimate, but in wine culture, it becomes a living, breathing experience! We at Adam Puchta Winery celebrate life with good friends, good family, good food and most importantly...good wine!

Throughout the years my father Randy and myself were growing up, we were always exposed to a culture of wine. Wine was served with family meals as a part of our German heritage. Due to this exposure to wine culture, as I grew older so did my love for wine. From this love of wine, which was treated as food hence a real connection to the saying “food is wine and wine is food!”

Upon reopening of the family farm winery, my father’s focus was on the history and on the wine making process! His keyword was always “balance.” Making the wine as balanced as possible. Not only for sipping with friends or loved ones, but also for pairing with the foods one loves to eat! A wine that isn’t balanced in this own right can’t be experienced to pair well with foods when preparing fun dinners!

Wine is a constant learning process, as it is “alive” as we sometimes call it, due to its constantly changing characteristics! My exposure to quality wines and foods came from friendships along the way! These relationships were then passed on to my sons Parker and Spencer, which in turn furthered their interest and love for quality balanced wines and foods!” 


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